Cider and Arcade Games--What Could Be Better?

I think we can all agree that the ‘80s arcade scene was pretty awesome. 

For those of you who weren’t born yet, going to the arcade to play video games was all the rage back then, competing for high scores alongside your friends. For many adults who were kids during that time, there’s definitely an overarching sense of nostalgia for the old days. I don’t blame them--being a hapless millennial, I would have loved that warm sense of innovation and community that youngsters had in the ’80s. 

But there’s good news if you miss the old arcade scene--Houston is opening up a brand new Cidercade! What’s a cidercade? It’s exactly how it sounds, getting some delicious alcoholic cider and playing your favorite arcade games with friends and family. I’ve been to the one in Dallas and when I heard that they were branching out into the Houston area, I was pretty thrilled, to say the least.

This new Cidercade will be opening on Houston’s East Side, complete with 18,000 square feet of space for visitors. The place will feature 48 taps pouring cider, wine, hard kombucha, and hard seltzer made exclusively by Bishop. There will additionally be food trucks, 300 arcade games, foosball, darts, shuffleboards, pinball, skeeball, and more! With a $10 admission fee, you can even unlock unlimited gaming! 

This is all just another amazing development in the ever-evolving Houston area. It really makes me proud to be part of such a wonderful and exciting city, especially when bragging about it to future residents! Houston’s engaging environment, coupled with its highly affordable housing options, makes it a cut above the rest for all things fun and accessible! Residents can enjoy great apartment options including Bayou Park, the Broadmead, Champions Green, City West, Lakeside Forest, and Tivoli at Vintage Park to name a few. Regardless of where your apartment is in the area, you’ll always find that there’s something new going on or being built--Cidercade just being one of them!

Those of you who are just as interested in Houston’s new Cidercade can visit their main website HERE. You’ll also find a fine selection of excellent drinks to choose from on their main website menu. Drink up and let’s party!


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Mar 16